10,000 Reasons.

There’s this song by Matt Redman that I love. It’s called 10,000 Reasons and honest to goodness brings tears to my eyes, every time those words hit my ears. I like that it is about being loved all of the time. Good days or bad, we have this Creator who is going to love us unconditionally. And I like how it is about glorying Him throughout it all, thick or thin. My good days have the ability to be these really good twenty four hours, yes, with the occasional rainbow and butterfly. And when you see that beautiful rainbow and fluttering butterfly before you it’s pretty easy to praise the One who made it because it is in fact gorgeous. And then there’s the bad days. The ones where your world is crumbling and the ground that was before you just left for its lunch break. The ones where you begin to question your self worth and what you have to bring to the table that, well, was right before you but now is probably enjoying a great cobb salad with the floor you just lost. It’s easy to find God in those moments because frankly, He is all you have left. I’ve felt that. I’ve felt Him. And I’ve been saved from those days because of this little glowing light He placed deep in my soul that I will always believe is hope.

I believe in my heart that there is a difference between being ‘happy’ and being ‘joyful’. The first I can feel after eating a really cake or not getting kicked in the chest while changing a diaper or only hitting one red light. But the other, it’s more than that. I feel it when I feel God’s love. It’s when I walk by the cliffs and hear the crashing waves and smell the salty air and know I am not alone. It’s when the sun is shining especially bright or over a glass of wine with people I love fully immersed in community. It’s when I see someone hold the door open for a stranger or when a door opens in my own life that I know was solely Him. 

I believe that I am at a place in my life that it’s time that I begin living like that song. I want to stop solely glorying the One who loves me, forgives me, and listens to me process to no end, in just the really good moments and just the really bad ones. I want to praise Him in all of the in-between. I want to be a different kind of happy. And I want to find 10,000 reasons for my heart to praise. 

So here’s to reasons and joy and the every days and finding, a different kind of happy.